Ac Repair Scottsdale

Scottsdale is on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, so it is no surprise that we get hit with extreme temperatures in the summer. You count on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and liveable during much of the year. When something goes wrong, you need to get professional AC repair in Scottsdale as soon as possible. At Hicken Air, we offer complete HVAC services to restore your air conditioning and keep your home nice and cool.

Does My Air Conditioner Need Repair?

There are some signs that you might want to look for that may mean your AC is suffering problems. You may notice that the AC makes more noise than usual when it runs. This could be an early warning sign of an issue that is developing. Another symptom of an AC problem is when some areas of the home feel colder than others. Sometimes, the AC suddenly stops working altogether. That is when you need to call for fast AC repair in Scottsdale. Check the power to the unit and verify that the air circulates when you put the blower in the “on” position.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your AC system will improve the efficiency and ensure that your system is reliable for the season. At Hicken Air, we provide inspections to check the condition of your AC. You should get an inspection and cleaning annually to prevent problems with the system. If you purchase a home, call us for an AC inspection and cleaning before you turn the system on in the spring. Our expert technicians will evaluate your AC and give you an estimate for any repairs that are needed. It is best to take care of problems before they cause the entire system to shut down.

Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner is a mechanical system and will last for many years. However, there will come a time when the unit is old, and the parts are no longer reliable. It may become more cost-effective to purchase a new AC unit. Our technicians have training and experience working with most makes and models of air conditioners. When you call us for AC repair in Scottsdale, we will evaluate the condition of your system and explain the repairs. In some cases, we may give you an estimate for replacing the AC unit.

Call for Hicken Air for AC Repair in Scottsdale

At Hicken Air, we have a reputation as one of the leading HVAC companies for AC repair in Scottsdale. We have five trucks that we stock with the parts, equipment, and tools our technicians need to get the job done. Our technician will arrive promptly and provide you with courteous service. We are a family-owned business and pride ourselves in offering the best customer service to our customers, who are also our neighbors. We provide the best value for the money and strive to make the experience efficient and stress-free. Contact Hicken Air to schedule your AC repair or maintenance needs.


Ac Repair Scottsdale
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