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Are you experiencing a problem with your air conditioning? No one wants to spend the hot summer nights being uncomfortable in their own home! Once you suspect a problem, we realize that choosing the right air conditioning professionals in Gilbert can be stressful. Without doing some local research, you may end up with someone who has no idea what they’re doing. What if they make the problem worse or cause serious damage to your home and property?

The key to maintaining your air conditioning unit is the consistent repair services you acquire for your system. Small routine repairs will avoid catastrophic damages down the line. Over time, there are going to be specific issues that come up, but with the help of Hicken Air, it can be easily remedied.

With Hicken Air, you can rest easy knowing our experts are professional, knowledgeable and able to handle all AC repairs you need.

Signs of Trouble

If you suspect your AC unit needs repair, let us help you spot the earliest warning signs.

The first thing you`re likely to notice is the AC unit breaking down when you need it the most. During times of high usage, an over-worked and poorly functioning AC unit will begin to break down.

A subtle indication of an AC unit in need of repair is uneven cooling throughout your home. If only a few areas are cool while the rest of the house is hardly distinguishable from the outside heat, it’s time to call in the professionals at Hicken Air.

Another sign of a distressed AC system is a noisy unit. Modern air conditioners tend to run quietly and if yours has been unusually loud recently, it may be time for a repair.

Always keep in mind the age of your air conditioner when contemplating calling for repairs. Any unit over ten years old may no longer be efficient enough to repair. With regulations changing surrounding the refrigerants used, it’s important to consider replacing units older than ten years. Remember that not all units will last that long, though. Air conditioning maintenance will go a long way towards getting it there, however. If your unit is reaching the ten-year mark, we may look at replacement vs repair.

Typical Repair Services

Most times, there are going to be warning signs to your air conditioning unit breaking down and needing repair. For example, if you're putting your system to work overtime in those brutal summer months, you may notice uneven cooling throughout your home. Due to the surge in high usage, the system can only withstand so much intensity.

When refrigerant begins to leak, linear steps will be taken to assess the origin of the leak for repair. There could be a leak from a dark hole that needs to be patched up or something more extensive that would require extensive training to repair correctly. A qualified professional would inspect the unit, fix the issue, test it to ensure its working correctly, and restore the correct amount of refrigerant according to manufacturer specifications.

Why You Need to Call a Professional

The main reason for calling a professional is to repair your air conditioner when it is beyond minimal build-up or blockages in your system. Hicken Air will do everything we can to work with our customers to avoid extremely costly repairs as the order is used. If unforeseen damage occurs that throws the system off track, Hicken Air is prepared for any job we're tasked to complete.

Electrical work can be a complicated process, but that's why we've taken the necessary classes and training to ensure our clients that they only have the best team assisting them. Avoid severe consequences by calling a technician that is trained to work safely and quickly to provide fantastic services to replace a fuse or circuit breaker, etc. Our job is to foresee any extensive repairs our customers may need, and use our expertise to get the system back into its prime working condition.

Call the AC Professionals

We always encourage our clients to contact us when they suspect that they need an air conditioning repair service. There are several components of air conditioning units that shouldn't be coerced with. Allow our team to take care of everything for you so you can go about your day without a hitch.

We never recommend that homeowners attempt their own AC repairs without a full understanding of how your air conditioning unit works.

There are far too many variables when it comes to your air conditioner replacement or repair in Gilbert.

Remember that most AC refrigerants are not things you want to play with without full understanding. They can be very dangerous! If the refrigerants weren’t bad enough, there’s always the danger of electrocution if a unit is taken apart incorrectly or without being shut off properly first.

Let our refrigerant experts worry about refrigerants and AC repair while you sit back and wait. With an all-star team like Hicken Air right here in Gilbert, Arizona, why look any further?

Our AC experts will help you get your air conditioner repaired as soon as possible. Hicken Air is your best local option when it comes to AC repair! Our team is made up of the best in the business and we take great pride in our work.

Whether it’s a simple mechanical AC problem, a part replacement for an air conditioner, or a quick AC check-up, call Hicken Air today at 480-686-1919!

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