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Air Conditioning Service in Gilbert, AZ

Like most mechanical systems, AC units need to be examined every once in a while to make sure things are running smoothly! The very best way to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape is to keep its service up to date. Even the very best, most efficient air conditioning units require a service check once in a while to maintain optimum performance.

We suggest a Gilbert air conditioning service visit in the early spring make sure that your air conditioner is operating efficiently when those very hot days begin to roll in. While this is the optimal time of the year for service, any time is a good time to have professional AC service technicians make sure you’re in good working order.

Like most electronics and mechanisms, everything loses its optimum capability over time. With services routinely done throughout utilizing your unit, there's no reason you can't have your system working in mint condition for an extended period. After years of wear and tear, your air conditioner will eventually begin to wear away and stop working at its peak level. Keep it running incredibly for years with the help of professionals that can take care of any issue.

Remember, all the dust and dander in your home flows through your air conditioner and over the course of a year, the AC coils can become clogged with dust and debris. All these nasty allergens are sitting in your air conditioner all winter, waiting for the warmer weather to recirculate through your home and into the air you and your family are breathing in day after day. This can cause issues with allergies and respiration. Not only is that buildup unhealthy for you, it certainly isn’t good for the air conditioner either! All that build-up can cause serious mechanical problems leading to costly repairs. It can even lower the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 5 percent each year! Why push the air conditioner harder than it needs to?

AC Service Solutions in Gilbert, AZ

Yearly air conditioner service is as simple as picking up the phone and giving Hicken Air a call! It’s fast and easy to schedule an AC service appointment and make sure that your air conditioner is working beautifully for the upcoming summer months.

It’s not only AC service, its peace of mind. When you start up your air conditioner for the first time after winter, press that button with confidence! Your system will be clean and running at peak efficiency.

Regular air conditioning service appointments will go a long way towards extending the life of your air conditioner. When the inside of the unit is clean and maintained properly, a quality air conditioner from Hicken Air can last ten years or more! Why replace an AC unit every few years when you could have a decade of comfort in your home with your air conditioner?

The refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is the chemical that cools the air. If you happen to spring a leak, the temperature may fluctuate, and that can be a massive contradiction in the reason for having an A/C in the first place. We will make sure the leak is located and repaired immediately.

The compressor thrusts the coolant through the coils in the unit to keep your home or business fresh. If the compressor overheats, you're going to have extensive damage and failure of the group. Evaporator coils absorb the heat in the air and send it back into the house as cold air. The loops can become corroded over time and frozen if not maintained correctly. Luckily, Hicken Air has the expertise to remedy any of these situations without a hitch.

Bursts of electricity keep the engine running nonstop, and if the capacitor isn't functioning correctly, the unit will have to be replaced sooner than later. One of the most common problems with air conditioning units is the build-up of dust and dirt that accumulates and hinders the functionality of the system. Chang your filters based on the manufacturer's recommendations or keep track of the build-up on the screen, and change it accordingly.

Always Trust the AC Professionals at Hicken Air

Routinely scheduled maintenance from Hicken Air will significantly reduce the chance of having substantial issues from arising. Of course, there may be things that you can't prevent, but for the things you can, we're here to cover you. Our team will perform an inspection that will look at everything from the inside out to make sure we diagnose and repair everything as thoroughly as possible. For more information about our air conditioning services, please contact us today!

You wouldn’t trust your car to just anyone, so why trust your air conditioning service to anyone else other than Hicken Air who is trusted and recommended throughout Gilbert and surrounding areas of Arizona?

Never let your AC fall into the hands of a repairman who could end up leaving the system in worse shape than it already was, costing you additional AC repair or even replacement!

Simple preventive maintenance handled by our AC professional and dedicated staff will save you from major repairs year after year.

Call Hicken Air today at 480-686-1919 to book your air conditioning service appointment and get your home back to optimal comfort!

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