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The air conditioning is a fundamental complement in your home or business. It not only allows you to have a pleasant temperature in the rooms but also maintains a healthy air, free of humidity and dust. At some point, your property's cooling system may fail. In those cases, a repair would be necessary.

Although today there are a variety of videos and tutorials for repairing your air conditioner on your own, the wisest thing is to look for a specialized technician. You must learn how to detect the signs that your air conditioner needs a check.

How Do You Know if Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair?

Before calling a technician, you can make a diagnosis on your own. If the air conditioner shows any of the following symptoms, you should call the technician:

  • If the system does not turn on, check the safety switches, and breakers that power the AC system. If the electricity reaches the device without problems, it is time to go to the specialist.
  • If the air conditioner does not produce cold, but still it is ventilating air at room temperature or hot air, check-in the controls to see if the “cooling” function is activated. If the button is on and the problem persists, turn the unit off and seek help.
  • Excess condensation or dripping water is also a sign that the air conditioner needs to be checked. This drip can occur from either the front or the back. If you have problems with your air and want to do the best air conditioning repair in Gilbert contact us; the specialists at Hicken Air are ready to help you.
  • It is also possible that the unit is turned on, but the emission of cold air is low. Remove the plastic cover, and observe the evaporator. If there is excess ice built up on the evaporator, the refrigerant gas level may not be as indicated.
  • Finally, if when you turn on the air conditioning, you perceive bad smells, it is a sign that something is not right, so you should call the specialist.

Which Are the Main Faults Your Air Conditioner May Have?

These are the most common faults that your device can present. In any case, remember that the best option is to have a professional to assist you:

  • Lack of refrigerant: when the refrigerant level is deficient, the unit will not cool or heat properly. In such cases, the technician should check for leaks and then add coolant to the optimum level.
  • Capillary obstruction: This component is also known as an “expansion valve”. When this device becomes clogged (due to impurities, humidity, or a lousy vacuum before placing the refrigerant), distorted pressures are generated, generating failures.
  • Dirty evaporators: when the external filters of the system are not cleaned periodically, dust and dirt eventually accumulate in the evaporator. As a consequence, the unit will work forced, and its energy consumption rises. You should call the specialist to do a general wash and verify the integrity of the system.

Trust the Experts!

If your air conditioning is faulty, and you want the assistance of the most extraordinary air conditioning repair in Gilbert, you are in the right place. For more than a decade, Hicken Air has provided excellent service to our happy customers in Gilbert and its surrounding areas, making us the reference company in air conditioning & HVAC systems. Let us work for your well-being, giving you first-class service. Contact us.

Air Conditioning Repair Gilbert
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