Air Conditioning Repair Gilbert Az

Are you looking for air conditioning repair in Gilbert AZ? Contact Hicken Air for a free estimate. We are a family-owned business, and our goal is to take care of your HVAC needs.

Why Choose Us?

We are a small local company with a commitment to our community. If you need air conditioning repair in Gilbert, AZ, we can help. Your air conditioning unit can do more than keep you cool. It purifies the air in your home, enables you to sleep better, and helps maintain the correct humidity. If you expect your air conditioner to do all of the above, you will need to have it regularly maintained.

We can keep your entire HVAC system maintained for you. A well-maintained air conditioning system will last longer and work better.


  • Change your air filter once a month. Your air filter helps trap particles such as dirt, dust, and dander. A clean filter will help your air conditioner run smoothly and not work as hard to keep your home cool.


  • Check the Fins regularly. Compressor fins are found outdoors near the compressor. It will look like a grill with fins and are part of the condenser and helps move heat away from the air conditioner.


  • Keep the air conditioning coils clean. Your coils are an essential part of your AC unit. We recommend you make sure all of the grass, brush or any debris is cleaned out and removed from the outdoor portion of your AC unit.


  • The condensate drain allows the condensation created to drain outdoors. Check it regularly to make sure it is draining correctly.


  • Schedule a Professional Maintenance Appointment for your AC unit. A trained technician will clean, inspect, and make sure your air conditioning system is performing at its best. If there are underlying issues, we can help you determine how best to address them.


Do I Need A New AC System?

Is your air conditioner running longer to keep your home cool?  How many service calls have you had? If you have had several service calls, it might be time to think of purchasing a new AC system.  AC systems do wear out. An AC system is a significant investment. If you are like most people, you want to go to the thermostat and turn on the air.  We can make sure you are getting the best system for your needs. The new AC systems are energy efficient and have new technology that will save you money over the long term. A new system will provide you with comfort for years as long as it is maintained correctly.

It is crucial to get the proper size of AC system for your home. A system that is too big will cost you more money to install and maintain. A system that is too small will be overworked and not last as long. We will work with you and outline your options so you can make an informed decision.

If you need air conditioning repair in Gilbert AZ, contact a local company that you can trust, Hicken Air today. Let us help keep your home comfortable.

Air Conditioning Repair Gilbert Az
Hicken Air
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