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Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding cities is important for the health of you and your family.

Just because you may not smell something in your home, that doesn’t mean that air pollutants aren’t all over the place. That’s the biggest problem with air pollutants, after all, you can’t see them but you can (and do) inhale them.

Why do I need an Air Quality Test?

With all we do to strive for a healthy lifestyle, it can be unsettling to learn that the very air inside our homes can bring us harm. Knowing what you and your family are breathing every day is important. Even in newer homes, there is no guarantee that the air inside will be of optimal quality. The newer your home, the tighter the windows will fit which means that unless the windows are open, the flow of fresh air will be nonexistent.

Also, with new construction, there may be dust left over. This is common, but the dust has to go somewhere. Without proper air movement and filtration, odds are that dust may end up in your lungs.

If your home doesn’t have adequate air flow, a simple air quality test can reveal a myriad of issues with the air you breathe every day. On the other hand, older homes can come with their own air related hazards.

These are all dangers that we test for during our Gilbert air quality test. Your health is never something to take lightly and your indoor air quality can be compromised by air contaminants that we may not be aware of without an expert air test. These contaminants may consist of mold, fungi, bacteria, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, lead, asbestos and even everyday dust, not to mention any unwanted insect debris.

A normal, healthy adult may never be bothered by these pollutants, but for the most vulnerable among us, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with heart or lung conditions, these microscopic invaders in your home can pose a real danger.

Who do I call for Air Quality Testing?

Hicken Air offers air quality testing to the residents of Gilbert, AZ and surrounding areas. We want you and your family safe and comfortable in your home.

An air quality test with Hicken Air includes checking things like the humidity in your home. Air that is too dry can lead to several unpleasant issues ranging from skin conditions to respiratory discomforts.
Stop worrying about the quality of air you and your family have within your home. Schedule an air quality test with Hicken Air today. Hicken Air covers Gilbert, Gilbert and other areas of Arizona.

Even if you are not concerned about your air quality, a simple test can offer peace of mind. Not only will our professional team be able to help discover any issues with the air inside your home, but will also be able to suggest possible solutions.

Call today to find out what Hicken Air can do for you. Our air quality technicians can be reached at 480-686-1919 today.

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