Are you in need of an major overhaul or your A/C system? With Wells Fargo Home Projects Credit Card, you can turn a would-be lump sum payment into smaller monthly payments!  In fact, you can do so much more with less cash up front.

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  • Simple, fast in-home, in-store or online application and credit decisions
  • Immediate access to revolving credit line upon approval
  • Power to make home improvement purchases today instead of delaying project plans
  • Easy-to-use account management and bill payment options

Money-managing features

  • Convenient monthly credit card payments
  • Opportunity to pay for their projects over time
  • Competitive interest rates

Stability and service

  • Stable, reliable financial services company
  • Superior cardholder service
  • Eligible cardholders receive free access to their FICO Credit Score using Wells Fargo Mobile Banking, factors that affected it, and personalized Wells Fargo credit tips

* DISCLAIMER: Financing is provided by Wells Fargo. Hicken Air does not guarantee approval or acceptance into the Wells Fargo Financing program.