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Air Quality

You’ve gone through the process of selecting and installing your new heating system in Gilbert, AZ, you’ve scheduled check-ups for your system and Hicken Air has checked everything over to make sure it works, so you’re done, right? Not quite. You’ve got your home comfortable, but is it healthy?

Air Quality Testing

Hicken Air offers air quality testing to residents of Gilbert, Gilbert and other areas of Arizona. An air quality test by a qualified technician can help track down any potential symptoms you may have with your HVAC system before it becomes a problem.

Remember that proper airflow goes a long way towards the overall air quality in your home. New HVAC systems are designed to help with air flow when air from outside is not an option. An example of this would be during the height of summer or winter when you may have your heating or cooling systems running. Opening windows would defeat the purpose of having those systems running, so it’s up to those systems to help air flow within your home. With your HVAC unit taking over for natural air flow, it’s important that the air filters on all your systems are changed or cleaned at regular intervals. The professionals at Hicken Air can certainly help you with your air filtration needs!

Let it Flow

Air movement is far more important than most people give it credit for, as is often the case with most things we can’t see. Without proper air flow, you may find that the air is too humid or too dry. Both extremes bring with them their own problems. If the air is too humid, you may find damp spots within your home such as on walls or even damp feeling carpets without obvious causes.

Air that is too humid can hurt those with breathing difficulties or those with certain skin conditions. Air that is too dry can lead to skin conditions such as psoriasis, rashes or eczema.

Who is at Risk?

Proper ventilation helps cut down on airborne particles that can also be harmful such as dust, pollen or worse things such as mold, mildew, asbestos or even lead particles. All of which can seriously harm the most vulnerable members of your household such as the elderly, young children, pregnant women or those with pre-existing heart or lung conditions.

Having your air quality tested by Hicken Air is a great way to make sure everything in your home is getting the air flow it needs at the level of ambient humidity desired. The tighter your control on the ventilation in your home, the better your air quality and the more comfortable your home becomes.

Air Quality Testing Experts in Gilbert

Your best choice for all air quality testing in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas is the professional team at Hicken Air.

We will always stand firmly behind our work and strive to make sure you not only understand all the work and testing being done but make sure you are completely satisfied with what we’ve done.

Call the air quality testing professionals today at 480-686-1919! Let us show you just how comfortable and safe your home can really be!

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