Heating Installation

Heating Installation

We specialize in new heating installation in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas. Our HVAC technicians will go over every detail of your new heating system, how it works and the very best way for you to keep it functioning at peak efficiency.

With a newly constructed home, you expect the HVAC system to be the best available, without the help of Hicken Air, that may not be the case, however. Let us put your mind at ease and work with you to select the perfect heating system for you.

If you have an existing heating system in your home that isn’t functioning as it should, it can be difficult to know whether it’s better to repair it or install a brand new heating system. To decide, we need to consider the age of your existing setup.

Once a heating system reaches a certain age, it may be best to replace the entire unit. Repairing an older system can become very costly over time. Once major repairs begin, it may be a constant series of maintenance and all those visits can start to cost more than it would have to install a new heating system in the first place.

Not only will a new system be potentially less costly, it will be more energy efficient which will drastically reduce your utility bills. If you’re faced with the question of repair or replace, call Hicken Air in Gilbert, AZ to help you with your decision.

Heating unit setup

Now that you have selected the perfect heating system for your home, it’s time for heating installation. This is one situation when having a professional and experienced team like Hicken Air at your disposal can make an enormous difference.

It can be a relief turning the hard work of installing an HVAC system over to a team that you can trust completely. Whether you are in need of a heating system for a brand new home without an existing system, or you need a replacement heating system in an older home, rest easy knowing that not only can Hicken Air handle it, but we will also stand proudly behind our work.

Our technicians are qualified, courteous and eager to get the job done right the first time.

Heating installation done right

Remember that getting the installation right the first time can make an incredible difference in the life of your heating system.

If a heating system installation is done incorrectly, it can mean a loss of efficiency and a system that only heats your home half as well as it should while using twice the power, spiking your utility bills.

Don’t settle for less than the perfect heating installation. You work hard for your home and you deserve to be comfortable no matter what type of weather Arizona throws at us!

Call Hicken Air at 480-686-1919 and we will make sure the heating installation is perfect and your new HVAC system is as energy efficient as possible. We will go that extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly!

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