Heating Service

Heating Service

Heating service and regular tune-ups are important. You want your HVAC unit to be as healthy as possible, and that’s what we provide our customers!

Hicken Air is like a doctor for your heating system! A heating system can be a big investment, and you want it to last as long as possible while maintaining peak operating efficiency! That’s why we offer service calls, or “check-ups”.

How Frequently Should I Have Heating Service?

Now that your brand new heating system is installed, checked and double-checked by the professionals at Hicken Air, it’s time to consider how we will maintain your unit to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. The best, not to mention the simplest way to keep up with heating maintenance is to schedule a yearly checkup by the experts.

Even if everything seems to be running smoothly, it is very important to have your heating system serviced about once a year. Usually in the fall just before you start running the heating system as the temperature starts to drop. Service calls are simple and usually quick visits from the professionals at Hicken Air. A quick cleaning and examination for any signs of trouble will keep your heating unit running smoothly and efficiently.

Why Schedule Heating Service?

Once that mercury starts lowering, it would be awful to have your heating system fail in the middle of a cold night. To add to the discomfort, not only would the heating system be down, but the cost to repair would be significantly higher than it would have been had regular heating service been scheduled.

Regular heating service will also help to extend the life of your heating system by years and help keep the system running efficiently to manage heating costs. Once the heating system starts to break down, you will notice your utility bill beginning to rise as it worsens over time. As with most HVAC units, these problems will only get larger as time goes by.

Always Use the Heating Professionals

Remember not to attempt a DIY heating service on your own without professional help! A neglected heating system can lead to several potential dangers that the average homeowner may never consider, such as a gas leak or a carbon monoxide leak, which of course can cause serious health problems for everyone.

Fire and poison are two very good reasons to let the professionals handle the hard work!  Let us deal with your heating systems while you relax and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your properly heated home!

Preventing such tragedies can be as simple as regular heating service with our experts.

Schedule a check-up with Hicken Air once a year in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas and let us worry about potential dangers. All you need to do is enjoy your new heating system in the comfort of your own home.

Hicken Air has the know-how and the professionals to tackle all your home heating service needs!

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